Saturday, 10 November 2012

Flurry ♥ Provence

Flurry really does love it here.
Happy to see me!
He is so happy.  Happy when he sees me coming, happy to work in the arena, happy to hack on his own, happy to hack with Aero or other horses.
Happy ears on a hack
I'm happy he's happy - I just wish he wasn't so filthy all the time!

Aero is not so happy, he is still a bit anxious about his new environment, but we'll get there.

Flurry has been growing his 'tash again for Movember.  It's pretty good.
Aero wanted a photograph taken of his 'tash, too.
I humoured him.  He has plenty of whiskers but no 'tash!

I played around and took photos of his eyes - Auruora at equine expressions had done an eye shot for the Sunday Stills Macro challenge and it got me thinking.

Getting a horse to stay still for a macro shot is not easy and there were plenty of fuzzy shots...
 underexposed shots...
 and finally a razor-sharp well-lit shot (complete with eye-goop I hadn't noticed)
but this slightly under-exposed shot is my favourite
You can see right into his soul in this one.


  1. The whole thing makes me smile :) In particular the happy ears and the 'into his soul' eye shot :)

  2. That is quite the 'stache!! Love it!

    1. Last year it kind of molted off during the cold weather. We'll wait and see what happens this year.

  3. I don't think I've ever seen a mustache on a horse before. Too funny! My favorite eye shot is the last one. So soft. I'm going to look up that book...

  4. Moustaches are quite common on Irish cobs, I guess that's where Flurry got it.
    There was a BBC TV series "The Irish RM", it was good but the book was better

  5. Love your comment about Flurry being "filthy all the time"--had me laughing till I had tears! And I love his 'tache! Yup, I know what you mean about the dirty horse--mine finds the muddiest spots to roll in, the Fuzzy Bastard! :)

  6. Love this post Martine! Thanks for letting me know about it, and linking to me - I am very honored. Flurry has such a sweet face, and Aero looks like a character. I look forward to reading more about them. I too like your last eye shot best, it's excellent! Eye reflections are cool, but in my opinion the soulful shots speak volumes...


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