Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sunday Stills - Pets

Cookie is the ultimate hunter.  She spends her day gazing out the window, watching the chickens, cats and pigeons and trying to figure out how to catch them.  On walks, she is constantly on the alert for prey.  We daren't allow her off-leash - her recall is non-existent and her hunting drive is so strong that once she gets a scent, the killer instinct takes over her brain, leaving no room for trivia such as family members calling her or trying to distract her with treats.

She does have some down-time though.  Preferably on the couch beside me, or even on my knee occasionally.
She even likes to "help" while I do this Blogging stuff.
I'm currently feeling very, very guilty about her.  By the time this is posted, I will be in a plane somewhere over the Atlantic, and poor Cookie will be sitting in kennels, wondering why we have deserted her.  She will be in kennels for a little over two weeks.  Since we took her in as a stray eighteen months ago, she has never been with anyone other than family for more than a couple of days.

Because she can't be trusted with cats or children and because of her overly strong hunting drive, we couldn't find anyone to look after her while we are away.  Cinnamon is a different story, she is very personable and low maintenance, but Cookie, despite being very devoted and loving, is a risk.  She's safest in kennels.

Sorry, Cookie, it's for your own good.

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  1. Cookie is a cutie, she will be glad to see ya when you get home..:-))

  2. That guilt is natural but thing of the amazing JOY she will have when you return! She looks like so much fun.

  3. You must be on your way to California! Cookie will be very happy when you return! Sweet pup...

  4. Our Sedona is the same about hunting. Cookie will be fine and very happy to see you.

  5. So sweet.. I mean to know your pet inside out. Great post :D

  6. Hopefully she'll be fine in the kennel, and you'll be back for her again after christmas.

  7. Cookie is cute!! Safe flight!

  8. her hunting instinct must be really strong..hope she does well in the is hard to leave our best friends. Travel safely:)

  9. I loved the 2nd pic with SS on background, pheww!! so much creative


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