Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Our Nearest Village

Two days, two walks - we're not doing too badly!  Yesterday I walked about halfway to our nearest village, Villemus, and early this morning we walked all the way and had a stroll around.  Yeah, I'll admit it, it's only about a mile, but baby steps, folks, we're both a wee bit squidgy around the middle!

From about halfway up, we had a magnificent view eastwards towards the Alps.  See that tiny dot in the middle, just above the mountains?  That's a hot-air balloon!  Cool, eh?
East, towards the Alps
Looking NorthEast, we could see the little village of Lincel, on the right of the picture, with the mountains of the Lure (I think) behind it.
Looking due North, we could see Reillanne.  Peering over the hill behind Reillanne is the Mont de Vaucluse - Anne & I rode Gigi and Flurry over that on day three of Le Big Trek!  Flurry and Aero will be living at the top of the hill which climbs towards the right hand side of the picture  (can't wait for them to get here, now).
To the Northwest, there's a clear view of La Gardette and Céreste, with the Grand Luberon in the background.  Our house is hidden behind the trees in the bottom right corner of the picture.
We didn't know what to expect of Villemus - I imagined it to be similar to Les Granons, which is basically an overgrown farm.  It turned out to be a fully fledged village, very pretty
with lots of narrow windy streets just begging to be explored
and this gorgeous fountain and lavarie near the Mairie - dry, unfortunately, but perhaps that's because it's been so dry here this summer.
Villemus Fountain
It would be nice if there is a little shop or a cafe here, but we couldn't find one.  Cookie did find an interesting hole in a door.... can you make out what it's for? (Hint - those aren't Cookie's whiskers!)
Cookie seeking felines
I found this very large and gnarly bracket fungus.  These things fascinate me, we rarely see fungi this size in Ireland.
Bracket Fungus
Finally, this one's for Anne:
Horse Balisage
Yup, horse-trail balisage!  There's a horse trail practically passing my door!


  1. OK so I'm jealous ! Skevanish is great but haven't found any interesting treks yet!

  2. I saw the balisage and thought of you straight away :D

  3. Wow! Looks fantastic... Oh, and love the kitty door :-)

    1. It's not too hard to make out what it is, then!


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