Friday 7 September 2012

Canine Pilates

Cookie latest fixation is Pilates :

After five minutes of a workout, she's exhausted and fit only for her bed.

Have we finally figured out how to get to the bottom of her?


  1. Too round too bite, too roll-y to stomp...

    Q (my JRT) came running to investigate once I started the video :D

  2. Did Q watch it? I've just had Cinnamon sitting on my knee watching it. Hoping to video that, too :)

  3. Too funny when she gets the ball to bounce. I thought she was running out of steam, and then she took off again.

  4. We haven't seen her give up yet - we've always had to step in and stop play. I'd love to let her play with it in the field... maybe we will!

  5. That may be the ticket! I wish I had a quarter of her energy!!


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