Friday 7 September 2012

Dylan's Happy Ever After

My stalker at the back door
I've been holding off writing this in case I jinxed things, but it's been over a week now and all seems to be going well.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of a friend saw Dylan on Facebook and asked about him.  She came up and met him, accompanied by her two sons and their cousin.  The kids were a little awestruck by his size, but he was everything Tracie was expecting, and more.

My stalker at the patio door
We agreed that once he had recovered from being neutered, she would take him home on a trial basis, so last Wednesday she arrived to pick him up, along with her sister, whose car had a dog barrier fitted.  Dylan was coaxed into the car, we gave whatever advice we could think of, handed over the last few scoops of dog food and his micro-chip registration card and watched, fingers crossed, as the little hatchback drove out our gate, with Dylan's big goofy face looking out at us through the back window.

It sounds like Dylan is in the home from Heaven!  Tracie (being a big softy) couldn't bear to hear him whining when he was put to bed in the utility room, so he has ended up sleeping in her room.  The boys play ball with him until they're all just too tired for any more fun, or until he has burst all the balls they can find - whichever happens first!

Dylan loves tennis balls!  He eats at least three a day!
They live in a house in the country, with half an acre of garden, so he has loads of room to run around, and plenty of company during the day, as there are a couple of older children too.  The only problem is cats.  Tracie's daughter has two kittens, and Dylan thinks they're fair game, but hopefully he will soon learn they they're part of his new pack.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but when you see a picture like this :
Dog & Boy in perfect symmetry
you kinda get the feeling Dylan has come home.  He's got two boys to play with, plus two older sisters, PLUS Mum, who he is now shadowing as he shadowed me.  It's as close to doggie Heaven as you can get!
A tired dog and his boy
Best of luck, big guy!  Aero and Cookie miss you - and I'll be thinking of you as I clean the paw-prints from around the back door!
Dylan keeping Aero company during hot-tubbing 


  1. Yay for Dylan! That makes my heart smile :) Sounds like a great home for him!

    1. Makes me happy too, Allison! And relieved, too.

  2. Sweet happy ending! Every dog needs a boy or two!

    1. He's just lovely with the kids, Kelly. It's a much more FUN home than he would have had with us.

  3. Its wonderful to see Dylan so happy! It does look like a happy ever after home for everyone including those kids.

  4. Dream come true for me, Annette.


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