Saturday, 29 September 2012

Wow, that was Hard

In the manic rush of painting, cleaning and packing that has been the last two months, I'd pretty much blocked out thoughts of how much we'd be leaving behind.  It was forcefully brought home to me over the last two days as we said our goodbyes.  

Leaving our home of twenty years was surprisingly easy.  Saying goodbye to friends and family was a killer.  Thanks for all the help, au revoir gifts, phone calls, text messages, Facebook messages and HUGS!  I've never had so many great hugs in all my life!  I’ll miss you guys - if it doesn’t work out, you will absolutely be the best part about coming back.

Meanwhile, plan your visits, mes amis!


  1. Best wishes for your new adventure!

  2. Bon Voyage and indeed a visit will be planned:) Further discussion to then ensue avec vin on the root Chakra.


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