Saturday, 16 February 2013

How Many Cinnamons?

Sorry, I should have posted this earlier.
She was in six of the seven photos.
I hoped the ever-growing dot in these ones would give it away, and it seemed to work ok, most of you spotted her!

I think most people saw her in the bottom right corner of this one, but maybe not everyone :
and she wasn't in this one :

So well done to Dee, Grey Horse Matters, The Dancing Donkey and sort of well done to Nicola, who suspected me of being much more devious than I actually am.

And by the way, the purple bandage is still, miraculously, on her leg, and she only had to wear the Cone of Shame for one night.
She's in good form and enjoyed her walk in the snow today.


  1. I was wondering if that dot was her or not. Oh well. Good to hear the bandage is still there and only one night in the cone of shame!

  2. I'm sure she's not enjoying that cone of shame so has probably decided to leave her bandage alone. Poor little girl. Hope she heals quickly.

  3. The cone of shame--hah! Love it--they look so pitiful in those, don't they?

  4. That is a massive cone for a little dog. shes like a little Cinnamon lamp.

  5. More of a Cinnamon megaphone, Nicola


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