Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Patient

The Patient arrived home this evening.
She's feeling a bit sorry for herself
but that didn't stop her enjoying a light supper.
Even Cookie was being nice to her
although she did steal her bed, forcing Cinny to take to the chair.
Unfortunately I found a second lump a couple of days ago, so that had to come off, too, hence the bandaged leg.  It's right on her knee, so she gives a little squeak every time she bends it.

Poor little pet.

How long before she rips that lovely purple bandage off?


  1. Poor baby. She's on her way to recovery though. Hope it heals quickly and there's not too many squeaks.

  2. Oh poor baby! Fifty and I send her lots of hugs and cuddles :)

  3. Poor sweet baby! Get well soon.


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