Saturday, 23 February 2013

Really, Snow?

Are you serious?  Just when I manage to get back into gear and start working the horses again (they were good boys) you do this :
Now I have to collect the LSH from the airport which involves a drive over the Luberon. Ugh.  Wish me luck.
Even Cookie doesn't seem impressed any more.


  1. I couldn't believe it when it started snowing again! Drive safe x

  2. It's that fickle time of year--we've got snow coming (with rain, UGH) for the rest of the weekend and into next week. On a sweet note--we'll be maple sugaring!

  3. I was so upset went I woke up to snow over here,too. Boo for snow, bring on spring!

  4. Join the snow club! Love the shot of Cookie...

  5. I got back safely, although we came back the long way, to avoid crossing the mountain and also to avoid the traffic that was creeping along at 15km/hour on the snow-covered autoroute. Hoping it'll clear off quickly - the forecast isn't too bad for next week

  6. Ugh! We still have some too. And just when you thought it was over and eating lunch outdoors last week!


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