Saturday, 19 January 2013

Cheval Passion

We're off to Cheval Passion, a kind-of Horse show, in Avignon.  I went last year for a very brief whizz around, but this year we plan to go for the whole weekend.

Last year the weather was like this :
and yes, those horses did walk past those scary balloons without batting an eyelid.

This year, the forecast is for this :
I'm just trying to decide which coat(s) to bring before we hit the road.

Expect a report on Monday :)


  1. Hopefully the weatherman is wrong, as they usually are, and the rain will hold off. Enjoy yourselves!

  2. Have fun -- and bring a jacket with a hood.

  3. Would love to have gone, but a bit too far away from here and the snow only melted today! Hope you're having a great time - looking forward to reading you report, especially anything about the Iberiques! Hoping to make Equisud at Montpellier in March .... see you there maybe?!

  4. Ugh1 the weather sounds awful! Hope you stay warm and have fun.


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