Monday, 14 January 2013

Irish to the Fore at the ESMA Awards!

Thanks a million to all my readers, real-life friends, virtual friends and my family who answered my very-last-minute call and submitted nominations to ESMA in the run-up to Christmas.  The good, fantastic, amazing news is...

HaltSalute is one of the ten finalists in the "Best Newcomer" category!  Woohoo!

I'm in exalted company.  Other Irish finalists are :

OLYMPIANS!! Donegan Ryan eventing - Best YouTube
OLYMPIC MEDALLIST!! Cian O'Connor - Best Professional Horseperson
PURVEYORS OF FINE BOOTS Dubarry of Ireland - Best Rider Attire Brand
THE GREAT Dublin Horse Show - Best Event or Competition
THE SCENIC Donegal Equestrian Centre - Best Riding School
PHENOMENAL VALUE Equestrian Discount - Best Saddlery or Tack Shop and (EEK!) Best Newcomer
MY FAVE ARTIST! Tony O'Connor - Creative Equestrians (I've one of his scribbles on my wall!)
THE INIMITABLE Hector - Best Celebrity
and finally, the WORLD FAMOUS Irish National Stud and Team Ireland Equestrian - Best use of Social Media in the UK and Ireland

Visit Equestrian Social Media Awards, have a look at all the finalists and vote for your favourites (including me pleeeeeze pleeeeeze pleeeeeze !)  Other notables are the fantastic HayNet (Best Blog and Best Social Network), and my fellow HayNet members, Lorraine Jennings (Best Twitter Account), Susannah Halonnen (Best Amateur Rider) and Sian Lovett, who is nominated in an outstanding THREE categories - Best Twitter Account, Best Amateur Rider, and Best Newcomer (EEK! again).

Win or lose, I am genuinely thrilled that my Provençal adventure has been given such recognition, but these guys are the stars of this blog, and always will be!

Thanks, Flurry & Aero ♥


  1. Congrats!!! How exciting!
    I voted :)

  2. That's awesome, congratulations! I will certainly vote for you.

  3. Thanks Allie and Jen! Goodness, you two move fast!

  4. Congratulations on being a finalist in the 'Best Newcomer' category. Good luck from Equine Online!

    1. Gosh this is weird, strangers congratulating me on being a finalist :D

  5. Hi Martine

    I can't see any way of contacting you via this blog so can you email me please so I can make you let you know about the additional prize being offered to the winner of the Best Newcomer category?



  6. Congrats!! That is terrific. Absolutely love the photo of the horses!

    1. Thanks! It's my favourite as well, its takes pride of place on my Facebook page.

  7. Congratulations, Martine (and of course, Aero and Flurry)!

  8. Congratulations! Love the picture too.

  9. Well done, Martine, we have voted for you at AMOH....


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