Thursday, 10 January 2013

Misty Walk

There's been thick fog in the valley for the past couple of mornings, making it cold and dark until close to midday.

This morning I took the dogs for their walk on the hill behind Reillanne (all the time watching out carefully for wolves, of course) in the hope that the hill-top would be above the fog.  It almost was...
and the mist swirled around while I walked along the ridge, giving tantalising glimpses of blue sky,
before closing in again.
It made some pretty effects through the leaves of the nearby bushes, which I was greedy enough to want to capture

but to be honest I failed to do it justice.

On the North face of the ridge, the mist had frozen on the pine needles and spider silk.

It was damp and chilly and there was no view to admire today, so we didn't hang around.


  1. The pictures capture the misty fog perfectly. I like the trees and pine plant. Very pretty but I hope you get some sunshine to ride in.

  2. Wolves! How cool is that? We have some bold coyotes which were spooking the horses one night while they waited for me to clean stalls, but no wolves.
    Love the photos!


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