Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Creative Pay it Forward

2013: Creative Pay it Forward: The first five people to comment on this post will receive a gift from me sometime this calender year!

Something new (Provencal, perhaps?), 
or made by me (I used to do a pretty good sketch, or I can knit or there always a print of a special photograph),
or preloved by me (heehee, anyone want my old Ariat Telluride boots?  Only 1000km or so on them...) 

The catch is you must make the same offer on your own page (blog, Facebook, Twitter or Haynet) - I'll be checking! 

Offer applies worldwide - I will post anywhere!
-Let's see where this goes 
-let's pay it forward!

To keep it simple, I'll Pay it Forward for the first five comments on this blog - not on my Facebook page, Twitter account or on Haynet.  If you're struggling to leave an Anonymous comment here, message me and I'll try to help (I know some of my friends have trouble leaving comments!)

Anyway, let's have some craic with this!


  1. not sure what ur aiming for but here is my comment.... I do like reading your blogs all the time x

  2. What a lovely idea :-) I like the idea of something handmade - maybe a photo in a card frame or something? Hmmm. Putting my thinking cap on and will post this forward when I get 5 ideas!

  3. Count me in. Will post similar offer next week. Will have to ponder what to give for rewards. Wheee.

  4. I'll play! I didn't want to do thus when it went around Facebook, but it would be fun with my equine blogger friends!

  5. Oooh.... Seven commenters.... Thank goodness, I was afraid I'd be left sitting here looking very embarrassed!
    I'll do my best to come up with something for all of you :)
    We've got a whole year to come up with ideas so don't panic about having inspiration before you repost, Kayti!

    Those of you on HayNet, can you message me with your addresses? But here's my email address too in a Bot unreadable form :
    martine fullstop greenlee at gmail fullstop com


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